Monday, October 25, 2010


Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays, the dressing up, the cute decorations, and lets not forget, the best part... the CANDY! Well this October has been particularly busy. Mark has been traveling for work and is back in school for his masters, so that keeps him very busy. And I have been making big decisions about moving my work closer to our home. I have finally found a place on Higley and Ray! I am leasing a room with two friends and its like our very own mini (five station) salon. Super exciting but needless to say it has been ALOT of work. I am finally settling in but October has just slipped away so fast! I haven't had the time to pick out any costumes for Halloween parties but I did manage to get a few decorations up... just in time for a birthday dinner we threw for my father in law. (which Im mad I didn't get any pics of).

Amongst all of the chaos, I did take a Saturday off so me and my hubby could go get a delicious breakfast and take our dogs to Barktoberfest... notice, Me and Flossy's nails are the same color! Hank had a blue sparkly mohawk, blue legwarmers and bright green nails, I wish I would have gotten more pics.

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